Why does he treat you casually?

He responds to your texts whenever he feels like it (can be two days later, or not at all). When you ask him when you will meet again he says “I will let you know” but he never brings up when you actually are going to meet again. He doesn’t reply to a direct question you ask him and with that, keeps you in the grey area. And you wonder if you did or said something wrong. You’re not sure if he really likes you because he gives you all kinds of mixed signals.

Truth is, you don’t feel like you are a priority to him. You feel like you are one of the options he has in his life. And it feels so frustrating because you really like him!

So how can you change this situation? How can you make him see you for the woman you really are and treat you like a priority?

The problem is: If we don’t change, he won’t change. What women try to do is complain about the situation. Or they don’t do or say anything at all because they are afraid to lose him. And this actually sets them up for failure. Because he will only value you if you value yourself.

I will teach you in this video how to position yourself as a high-value woman. A woman that men value and appreciate. A woman that men don’t take for granted. A woman men treat as a priority in their life. Because that is what you deserve, love!

If you’ve ever been one of those women who is always waiting for him to change his behavior, this video will transform your relationships with men forever!

As a Mars Venus & NLP coach, I help single women have success in their love life by teaching them more about men, dating, relationships, and themselves. My mission is to make love to be understood better so you can experience true love as well!

If you are asking yourself these questions:

– Why does he treat me carelessly?
– Am I asking too much from my date?
– Am I asking too much from him?
– Why does he ignore me?
– Why does he do that?
– Why does he take so long to reply?
– Why is he taking so long to reply?
– Why does he leave me on delivered?
– Why doesn’t he answer my texts?
– Why doesn’t he let me go?
– Why does he take me for granted?
– He takes me for granted, what can I do?
– What can I do if a man takes me for granted?
– What to do when a man takes you for granted?
– What to do when a guy takes you for granted?
– How can I make him treat me with respect?
– Does he like me or not?

Then this video is for you! ❤️

Much love, Maria

– Mars Venus & NLP coach
Dating coach for women

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