STOP fantasy dating! Reality vs. Fantasy dating

Do you – when you meet a new man you like – start fantasizing about how things could be?

How wonderful your relationship would be together?
How his last name sounds with your first name?
Where you guys would live together and what that would look like?

Do you know that this might actually be the problem in your dating life?

Because you might be Fantasy dating instead of Reality dating.

If you are anything as I have been in the past: I was very romantic. Maybe I watched too much Disney, I don’t know. But I would romanticize every man that I liked.

I saw them for what they could be instead of what they really were. It made me invest my time in men that were not even worth my time.

And I also pushed away some good, potential men with this approach.

That’s how I lost years of precious time and had several heartbreaks.
I don’t want that for you so that is why I have recorded this week’s video.

In the video, I am breaking down the difference between Fantasy dating and Reality dating (what you should be doing). And why Fantasy dating might keep you away from that loving, sparkling, and healthy relationship.

If you ask yourself (one) of these questions:

  • Why do I keep on attracting the wrong men?
  • Why do I attract the wrong men?
  • Why do I attract emotionally unavailable men?
  • Why do I attract unavailable men?
  • How do I attract an available man?
  • Why do men always lose interest?
  • Why don’t men invest in me?
  • Why don’t men chase me?
  • What I am doing wrong when it comes to dating?
  • Do men even want a relationship?
  • Why don’t men choose me?
  • How to find my soulmate?
  • How to attract the right man
  • How to attract the right man into my life

Then this video is for you! ❤️

Much love, Maria

~ Mars Venus & NLP coach
Dating coach for women

PS: As a Mars Venus and NLP coach, I help single women in achieving success in their love lives by teaching them about men, dating, relationships, and their own role in this. My goal is to simplify the process of finding love for you, so you can attract and keep your Mr. Right.

‘5 types of men to avoid during dating’

Stop wasting time on Mr. Wrong and attract Mr. Right!

Done with Mr. Wrong and ready for Mr. Right? 


Done with Mr. Wrong and ready for Mr. Right? 


So many women invest their precious time and heart in men that cannot give them what they are looking for: a healthy, loving, and sparkling relationship. This is why some women are very successful in love and others are not: they simply invest in the right type of men. The problem is that you can feel very connected to a man, but he can still be Mr. Wrong.

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