Release date: 5/1/2023

When the man you like starts ignoring you it is a very painful experience. Taking away the connection between you two is not what you had in mind. But then it happens: he is not responding to your messages anymore.

Many women have experienced this and in this video I want to share why this happens. Why men ignore you. Truth is, men do this on purpose. I am very sorry to tell you, but this is the case. Just think about it: if the man you’re dating reaches out and you don’t respond.. that’s a choice. Same goes for him or course. 

One of the reasons he ignores you is that he actually really likes you, but you hurt his feelings or said/did something that upset him. This is not a very common reason why this happens because normally a person speaks up. But every person is different. How can you tell this could be the reason? If you feel the man you are dating really liked you. He was initiating texts a lot, taking you out on dates, asking you questions about you, etc. He was continuously investing in you. And if he then starts ignoring your messages from one day to the next, you upsetting him is quite likely.

Another reason he ignores your messages is that you have been too much. Guys really like the chase. And when he feels like he is being chased, this decreases his interest. In the beginning he still responds to you but after some time his interest has dropped so much he stops responding to your messages.

Reason three is that he is not that into you. This might be very painful to hear but this can be the case. Just be very honest with yourself: has he REALLY been investing in you? If that has not been the case, he might not be that into you and that’s why he started to ignore you. Why not just tell you? Some men don’t like to be giving you the bad news, so they prefer to ignore you so that – hopefully – you get the message.

The fourth reason is not so common, but it does happen. And that is that he stops responding to your messages and with that ignoring you because he has a girlfirend. Unfortunately, not all men are honest. So an advice I always give: take your time to get to know the man you’re dating before you invest your precious heart completely.

The fifth and last reason is that he has commitment issues. Yes, some people are actually afraid to commit. He might have been hurt in the past, is afraid to not be good enough or wants to keep his freedom. It is real: some men are afraid to commit. This is very often the man that comes off strong and from one day to the next seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. This is a pattern that will continue; Once you come close, he pulls away.

If you are asking yourself these questions:
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Then this video is for you! ❤️

Much love, Maria

– Mars Venus & NLP coach
Dating coach for women

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Done with Mr. Wrong and ready for Mr. Right? 


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